The Opportunity

A booming industry estimated as a $98 billion dollar market is waiting for you with opportunity to create your own success as a business owner.  

In a world of limited options, parents need solutions to child care shortages and Oliver’s Nannies is the answer. According to some studies, there are as many as 11 million parents in the United States with children under the age of three years old. Alarmingly, 51% of Americans live in a child care desert, defined as an area where there are no options or as many 3 children per 1 licensed child care slot.  

The need exists and we have the solution. 

At Oliver’s Nannies, we offer tailored solutions to families for ongoing staffing in the home. We are able to find candidates for each family to meet a weekly schedule or provide a more flexible care option for dates and in frequent needs as back up care. 

Through our unique staffing model we allow a new solution to help those not able to find a match on their own.  We allow for flexibility and peace of mind through providing insured, vetted and managed staff. 

In addition to helping clients, we remain committed to providing a quality work space for child care providers.  A new opportunity to work on the books, with access to benefits and support is welcomed by many having to work in an independent manner previously.  We embrace the opportunity to create jobs and build teams. 

We are dedicated to families.  Those families we serve and the families we employ.  In addition, to the families investing the opportunity to own an Oliver’s Nannies franchise. 

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Each territory is carefully analyzed and crafted by the Co-founders to ensure franchisees are set up with the opportunity for a successful business venture. During the initial steps, Oliver’s Nannies Franchising will review a combination of zip codes in the desired area of the franchisee as available.  Such variables for review are natural boundaries, as well as income levels and the number of children in our target market age ranges. We work together with each potential franchisee to ensure a territory has both the ability to reach potential clients and nannies.  This is the recipe for overcoming child care deserts and providing solutions not currently available to families in the area. 

The Investment

Our goal is to create the greatest opportunity for success for the right Oliver’s Nannies candidates and, in order to do so, we offer a lower investment opportunity compared to competitors. Estimated start up costs range from $68K to $98K including the initial franchise fee of $39K.